none of us can skate

by bruised willies

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released January 16, 2016



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bruised willies Singapore

Bruised Willies is a four member Singaporean pop band formed in May 2012. The group consists of siblings Narelle and Benjamin Kheng, together with their friends Sandra Riley Tang and Jonathan Chua. The quartet’s self-titled freshman EP was released on 27 October 2012 and earned the top 30 most downloaded album of 2013 and 2014 on iTunes. ... more

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Track Name: blood has been shed, jerry
i can't be here without an overdose of dissent, choked hard, the breath out of me.
it stumbled out through your front door, like soul leaving the body.
stuck in a rut, it must be hard to bare your teeth to normalcy.
i cannot lie, i cannot find the parts of you i see in me.
we've lost our time, nothing is mine. I belong to nobody.
Track Name: some of his throat was there
feeling like im useless again, feeling like im just half a man.
trapped by paranoia again, signs show im the worst that i can be.
for the rest of my life, i'll keep these secrets locked in my head.
for the rest of my life, i'll take these bad thoughts down to the grave.
Track Name: sometimes it's a hard world for small things
i'll take your word for it, that you won't leave when i need you,
when the waves crash down on me, and then take me to the deep end.
i'll take your word for it, that you'll hold me when im trembling
when my fears turn me into nothing, please don't go, just stay
Track Name: i don't want the asshole near my money
we've passed the age of being able to get excited.
we've passed the age of being able to smile at what can break us,
now im tired of trying.
i lie to myself that i need just one more drink
then maybe, just maybe, i'll no longer be broken.
Track Name: it's either heads of tails
sometimes i just can't get out of bed because of all the things thats stuck in my head.
sometimes i hear these footsteps in my head, like fingers pushing through my skull, i'd rather be dead.
i stuff my head with lies, becoming someone i can't recognize.
sometimes i wish you were dead, its easier to get you out of my head.
stay away, stay away now, i'll hate myself someway, somehow.
these voices, these voices, they won't leave me alone.
these places, those faces, they won't leave me alone.