john malkovich was great as john malkovich in being john malkovich

by bruised willies

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released October 27, 2016

nicholas wong - vocals, guitar
keith chua - vocals, bass
farhan muhd - non-programmed drums

drums recorded by ah boy
everything else recorded by wong wai huin
mixed by wong wai huin
mastered by jesse cannon
photography by luqman skinnybones
drums programmed by nobody



all rights reserved


bruised willies Singapore

Bruised Willies is a four member Singaporean pop band formed in May 2012. The group consists of siblings Narelle and Benjamin Kheng, together with their friends Sandra Riley Tang and Jonathan Chua. The quartet’s self-titled freshman EP was released on 27 October 2012 and earned the top 30 most downloaded album of 2013 and 2014 on iTunes. ... more

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Track Name: consciousness is a terrible curse
stitiching up the wounds and cuts engraved onto my skin
putting back together all the bones i have broken
can i take back everything that i have said before
it's been years now, just forget it and close the god damn door
i have shattered the pipes and clogged the drains
it's too late, i brought the flood, now i'm drowning
slowly filling up the grave i dug
Track Name: seven and a half
do you remember when we thought this strange feeling would never end?
what happened? We've lost it in between the "edge of seventeen" and "no regrets"
it's ruined, everything
your cold dead hands, they tell the tales i don't want to hear
your presence lingers, it makes me want to disappear away from here
slice both my ears off and your voice will sound sweeter
do you remember when you and me weren't just what could have been?
what happened? You've lost it in between nineteen and slowly losing all my hair
Track Name: i piss orange
i've been trying out this new thing: drinking my body weight till morning
trying hard to pass out before i start thinking
i used to be able to sleep at night better when i am drunk, now it feels like im parting rivers
maybe i'm just wasting too much time painting pictures when i close my eyes
please take my eyelids with your sharpest knives
Track Name: gimmicky bastard
i am tired of being passive aggressive but i can't help it, it's my weakness
i would love to believe the things you say if you haven't lied again and again and again and again and again and again and again
Track Name: the idea of being someone else for a little while
i broke myself trying to fix me, i let down everyone i love
i'll waste some time finding the answers to every question i thought of
i'm trying to find a silver lining to every single cloud above
my head hangs low, somebody help me snap my fucking neck right off
this is how i'll spend my days, complaining and procrastinating
if you really wanted to mess me up, you should have got to me soon enough
cos i've become too comfortable with the damage i've done to myself
if you really wanted to mess me up, you should have got to me soon enough
cos i'm going back to a home as empty as your promises